Time to Get Dirty

As much as I love gardens, my gardening skills are a little limited. I try to stick to just doing the potted plants and flowers and yet, I walk around my own yard and see bare naked spots that need to feel loved on and dream of my own beautiful garden. Time to get dirty.


Here is where the trouble starts every weekend...With all good intentions, I get on my yard clothes, clear out my office, I mean car, and make room for plants and bags of dirt and new pots and head to the local nursery. I have a couple places I love to go and think I will master it this year.  I will look a magazines before hand and find inspiration from walking the aisles at the nursery.  I’ll look to see what others are buying and concocting. And then it happens, I freeze up, walk around in a daze put all of the collected plants back on their shelves. Walk away and drive off...gone from the land of possibilities.

The usual thought process post nursery is like this...

What will I not kill?

What is best for full sun, half sun, no sun?

How many plants do I need? How many do I personally want to plant by myself?

Why am I here again?

Quite the conundrum, does anyone else feel this way too?

So my remedy is to go to the grocery store, buy cut flowers or potted plants and then place them around the house where I will enjoy them.  After which, I am inclined to photograph them, and then paint them in some form or fashion.  Now I feel satisfied until the next weekend comes and I start all over again next weekend.


Here is my no maintenance required flowers: 



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