Labor and Delivery~giddy’s new website

Having children is wonderful and giving birth is a distant memory, until recently.  No, I’m not pregnant but definitely have just completed the labor and delivery of our new and improved giddy paperie website!

The process ebbed and flowed, stalled and started, and tweaked and retweaked.  All of you who have ever done this before know what I mean. Our original website was pretty basic and over the years since we launched our site in 2014, we worked hard at keeping it interesting, AND THEN I CRIED “UNCLE.” Time for a “new do,” a new direction and most of all, time for help. 

In vetting for a website designer, it seems like an easy process; until you realize finding the right fit is harder than it looks.  I interviewed different website designers from across the county and stumbled upon some handy tips if you are looking to have an “up do” as well.

Here are a couple of thoughts:

-If you already have a good platform, like Shopify, stick with it, or you might have to redo everything 

-Look for a designer who is a Shopify expert

-Search online for several websites that you already like and look a the bottom of the website to see who designed it.  This gives you a road map as to where to start.

-Make sure you know what you are getting when you select a plan from your designer.  If looking for a light refresh, that is usually one level, if you are wanted to add more bells and whistles that is definitely a whole other process.  

-Try to figure out beforehand what it is you want your website to feel like which will help your designer know what direction to start designing.

-Remove yourself from the process and allow the design team to create on their own...really tricky to do if you are a creative but after all, that is what you are hiring them and not doing things on your own anymore.

We found our design team, Nicely Built, through the Southern Coterie website.  Both are great examples of collaboration and good design options.  The process took much longer that I even imagined, like a pregnancy but I would say the Labor and Delivery has come and gone and I am sure will be a distant memory.  Hope you enjoy the new layout and design of our “new do” for giddy paperie.

 Special Delivery Celebration



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