If You Can't Beat 'em Eat 'em

Some of you may remember back in February I was struggling with my large collection of cookie cutters.  Too many cutters, no good recipes. Then I decided to bake some Valentine’s cookies, which was really a basic excuse to bake with yet more new cookie cutters (Pagodas, Ginger Jars, etc) and then give them away!


The craziest part of it all was the number of people who:

  1. Had too many cookie cutters like me and didn’t know what to do?
  2. Did not have a really good recipe.
  3. OR... who wanted me to bake cookies for them?


Truly, I considered putting away my paint brush and trade them in for my rolling pin. Not going to happen, however; my cookie baking is kind of like my gardening.  I love it but it never holds my attention like painting.


That time I painted an invitation and then three dozen cookies.


Not long after Valentine’s Day, I designed an invitation for a shower I was hosting with several other friends.  After the regular cookie lady was unavailable, I quickly added, ‘oh, I’ll do them.’

And like that, I was bake to baking all over again.  Yes, I could have gone to Publix and bought the plain cookie and then iced them, but honestly, I have as much fun baking as painting. Kind of relaxing in a strange way. So off I went, baking, painting, repeat. Here is the result of the shower.

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