Garden Variety Invitations

Minted, Tiny Prints, Hallmark Store, the local card shop...they’ve all got them. Fancy, simple, inexpensive, over-the-top...

However, when someone comes to us and wants a special invitation, we are all ears and try to make it just what the client cannot find anywhere else.

As rule, I say I create the “side courses” of weddings: bridal luncheons, save-the-dates, rehearsal dinners, and showers.  Don’t get me wrong, I love creating wedding suites too but for the most part, I design custom Party Pieces that denote a theme, a feeling, a specific celebration during the prelude to the big day.

Recently, it was especially fun as I was one of the hostesses as well for a daughter of a long-time friend.  You know, the friend you go to college with, have babies at the same time with, play dates and now weddings with. (Note: if you are not at that point yet, you will be and wonder how so much time passed so quickly!) Yes, that kind of friend.

It’s always a bit awkward for me when doing a party with others...Do I offer creating the invites? Do they even want me to do?  I usually lay low and wait for the nod....then hope they like what I design. When creating specialty pieces, I find the best part of the process is learning what the bride groom are all about.  What do they like and where did they meet? Are they frilly (not the groom of course) or simple?  Then I try to design a piece that reflects the honored person and also sets the mood for the event.

Given that I am all about The Garden, and usually paint one better than grow one, I was happy to paint a hydrangea themed invite that had a touch of casual, vintage and splash of sass. We ended up coordinating the shower with hydrangea arrangements, personalized napkins and specialty cookies to carry the them.  Good time had by all and a special time celebrating the bride and her mama!

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